Beating the odds

Collaboration strategies will bring success in a competitive environment

The world is undergoing unprecedented changes. As competitive landscapes are being transformed and unprecedented chunks of value are being redistributed from former leaders to web-scale platform players, the importance of understanding, learning from and adapting to the new environment becomes critical.

We identified five main trends we believe are currently shaping the business environment, and will continue to do so in the future:

  • Growth is shifting from developed to emerging markets
  • Technology is changing consumption behavior and sending ripple effects across sectors and value chains
  • Borders between traditional markets are blurring, creating a level playing field for successful new competitors
  • The Industry 4.0 opportunity will be game-changing across value creation chains
  • Ethical and sustainability-related pressures on business are intensifying

The urgency to act in the face of the described converging trends is growing, and executives would do well to prepare their businesses for what lies ahead. We believe there are three critical imperatives for companies to tackle the challenge:

1.Define – or redefine – your company´s long-term vision. Have a clearly articulated view of where the business is going and, equally fundamental, why.
2.Build the right competencies and capabilities. Identify the critical competencies and capabilities needed, as well as the best way to fill the gap by not only developing your strengths but by leveraging the strengths of the appropriate partners.
3.Build the right organization. Ensure that the organization can effectively develop and manage the required competencies and capabilities.

The successful implementation of the steps depends on some critical factors. First, an alignment between vision, strategy and organization (in terms of structure, talent and processes). Second, the choice of the right partners to undertake the journey, and even more critical the ability to steer and adapt dynamic collaboration arrangements beneficial to all parties. Third, an organization that is able to experiment, learn and incorporate new knowledge in the face of volatile environments.

Released: November 2017

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Written by Jasper in November 21, 2017
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