Best Projector Screen for 2017 – A Comprehensive Review

If you’re planning to buy a project, or already own one, you need a best projector screen. There are hundreds of screens on the market, from some DIY options to a complete, ready-to-go solutions, but all those who’re passionate to watch crystal clear images want something more. We’ve reviewed many models on the market, and the finalists are……

  • Elite Screens 100 Inch Model
  • Silver Ticket 150″ Diagonal Ultra HD Ready
  • Best Choice Manual Projection
  • Elite Screens ezFrame Series
  • Epson 80 Inches Dual Aspect


Some considerations for choosing best projector screen:

* Size, Construction And Mounting

The Best Choice Screen is the best and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall with supplied brackets. It’s 119 inches on the diagonal and it can be used at popular 16:9 or 4:3 ration. Epson Duet project measures 80 inches and can be set up at 16:9 or 4:3 widescreen formats. You can quickly fold down the entire thing quickly and neatly. Elite Screens 100 inch Spectrum is the best projector screen (You may visit to learn more about projector screen)with an aspect ration of 16:9 and its range extends up to 180 inches. It comes fully assembled, and it’s motorized so you can close or open it through an infra-red remote.

Elite Screens 120-inch ezFrame is a 16:9 format version and the largest frame spans 320 inches. You get this screen in kit form and it takes few minutes to put it together.

* Screen Detail

Best projection screens on the market have a gain of 1:1 and Best Choice Product falls in this category. Epson Duet 80-inch uses vinyl but doesn’t mention its gain value. Elite Screens have a standard Spectrum range of 1:1 gain. The screen offered by tem is Active 3D projection and 4KUltra HD, so all foreseeable changes in projection technology are properly accounted for in this model.
The Silver Ticket Screen has 1:1 gain and has an “exceptionally wide viewing angle” at 160 degrees. It is made using high-quality vinyl and is future proof being Active 3D ready and 4K Ultra HD.

Elite ezFrame is grey colored screen that reflects more light than is projected onto it, which gives it a gain of 1.3. It has special coating to address this issue and it reject ambient light and only absorbs projector light. So you get a much clearer image, but slightly at the expense of viewing angle. It is suitable for Active or Passive 3D and 4D Ultra HD.


Visually, you’ll notice that Best Choice Products screen is much like what you see in offices, schools and homes. Its vinyl is huge improvement over what you saw 20 years ago. It’s a cheap projection screen and is prone to occasional wrinkles at corners. As long as wrinkles don’t affect main picture, it’s not a big consideration. This screen is best suitable for an average user.

The Epson Duet at 80 inches is the best projector screen that’s easy to transport and is stable because one of the stand legs points backwards. There is no support at the bottom or top of the screen. Its image quality is better than expected, but is not for all those who’re fussy about definition or resolution.

Elite Screen Spectrum offers 100-inch entry level product that uses cleaver “big screen” technology in an attempt to boost quality. Visual quality is enhanced due to Specturm’s MaxWhite proprietary screen.

STR-169150 150 inch projector screen is a high end option due to its rigidity. If you want to enjoy a great picture, your screen needs to be flat and affordable. Thanks to quality of screen material, the distortion free image offers accurate representation of all colors without any hot spot or shift to distract eye.

If you’re dying for quality, then there’s nothing better than Elite Screens ezFrame series. It’s actually a “two surface” screen where one diffuses the ambient light and second one reflects the projected light.


Best projector screen won’t come cheap, but quality speaks for itself. Best Choice Products model is affordable and does a decent job in wide variety of roles. Though you won’t get stunning effects, it costs just a fraction of what you’d pay for high end models. Epson Duet screen suits wide range of users. It comes with reasonable aspect ratio and can fold-down easily. It’s easy to move and offers good value for money. Elite Screens Spectrum at 100 inches may cost you more, but has a motorized option. Among all, Silver Ticket Projection screen is the expensive one but there are few questions about its quality.

All in all, you get what you pay for, so it’s best to plan your budget and go for the best model that suits your needs. You can find so many exciting deals online.