Boxing Day Dip Pictures Show Brits At Their Hardy Best

Most of us spend the day after Christmas scoffing leftovers and watching terrible television but some Brits are rather more intrepid.

As if dealing with hangovers and heartburn wasn’t effort enough on the 26th, around the country, people head to their local body of water for a Boxing Day dip.

If the thought doesn’t already have you shivering, strap in folks – it’s going to get chilly.

No thank you

The hoses make it even worse


<strong>Women take a dip in the sea at Tynemouth</strong>


This pair opted for fancy dress

<strong>Dippers at Cromer in Norfolk</strong>

As did this dedicated bunch

This chap looked like he regretted his decision

<strong>The Cromer event has taken place since 1985 to raise money for the Stroke Association charity</strong>

Not a chance


Honestly we’re right behind you

Absolutely not

Utter madness

Well done to everyone who took part!


Written by Lukas in December 26, 2017
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