plus size swimwear

Choosing the Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

It is quite an emotional experience when you decide to shop for a plus sized swimsuit. Small details of choice based on body shape, size, and even color become quite a challenge. The goal is to buy a swimsuit that accentuates your body. And this generally applies to every body type and size. However, swimsuits for curvy bodied women have started to change and the selections available today on the market are more appealing than before. Nevertheless, women still face quite a challenge when it comes to making a choice of what plus size swimwear to go for.

Recent designs of swimsuits directed to appeal to the full bodied are far from being just boring. The styles that have been displayed and promoted by designers and retailers have created more head turns. From animal prints to bold coloring, one-piece plus size swimsuits are taking design by the collar. Today we shall take you through which swimsuits can look good on what body.

You would not want to get into uncompromising position because you did not put some details into consideration such as swim suit supports for your chest (shelf bra) when making a choice for a swim suit. Having a two bodied swimsuit provides support for your chest giving you a comfortable feel.

Keeping in mind that once you are a plus sized woman you will have measurement sizes that are larger than the regular size. At the same time, even among the plus size, there are different shapes varying from one person to another. Therefore, while choosing the swimsuit, putting in mind the color, size, style, fit will affect the way you want to flatter your body.

Remember that being a plus size means you have clothing’s measurement larger than the regular size, but each plus size women certainly have different shapes one to another, and basically all women have their own character of body shape – pear shape, apple shape, etc. So when choosing swimwear, keep in mind that even though it comes in your size, the style, cut, fit, color, or print may not be the most flattering choice for you.

Ordinarily, one can choose a tankini over a bikini which gives you an independence of choice. With a tankini, you can buy the different parts of the swimsuit which helps you to make a mix of everything.

Even though tankini tops provide less support compared to one-piece suits, they generally offer more freedom of movement. This means keeping an eye out for design tops that offer full coverage and sturdy straps. But this also depends entirely on your own individual’s interest when choosing between a one piece or two piece suit.

We know making a swimsuit choice is quite challenging, therefore, we have picked out tips that will provide ideas on how to make the best choice of swimsuit suitable for your plus size body.

The Pear shaped body (The Triangle Shaped body)

This kind of body is characterized by small shoulders and bust but with larger legs, hips, thighs, or bottoms. Buying yourself a plus size swimsuit that will drive eyes more to your upper body would be a wise choice. Purchasing body suits with tops with brighter colors will balance people’s attention and mixing them with slightly darker colors on the bottom. Also purchasing suits that entail features that accentuate a body part that you like will also give you that sense of confidence.

The Apple shaped body type (The Inverted Triangle)

This kind of body structure is characterized by wider shoulders, larger chest, shoulders or stomach with a narrow waist and hips. In this way just consider the opposite of the triangle shaped body type. Focus on buying a swimsuit that draws attention away downwards. Having in your collection swimsuits with wide straps with full bust support will be good. Having shirred styled suits will make a narrow waist more prominent while the V-necks will compliment your bust-line.

plus size swimwearHourglass Body Shape

This body type is characterized by a larger chest that tends to disappear in a small waistline while enlarging from the waistline through to the bust and eventually to the legs. This makes the hourglass figured woman to have a very proportionate top and bottom. With this body types, one still could have some slight challenges with it. Therefore, it is wise to buy yourself a plus size swimsuit that will help to make those body parts you love more prominent while making those you don’t like more invisible. This can be done by putting on swimsuits that have bright colors or styles on the places you like to accentuate. The basically your style will be the interesting style because you will be more confident while putting it on.

Round Shaped Body

This kind of body has full shoulders all the way to the hips with around waistline. If one needs to promote a feeling of a slender perception, it is better to go for swimsuits that provide a slender slim effect. Putting on surplice or shirred styles that come with bold patterns on the upper side and becoming dark on their way down.


Rectangular Body Shape

These kind of women have straight proportions, their body shapes are equal from the shoulders to the hips. Therefore, it would be wise to buy a suit that would create a waistline feel. A swimsuit with a belt or swimsuits with diagonal styles can help to accentuate your body. They tend to draw attention to attractive shoulders and plunging necklines draw attention to a nice waistline.

Above all, every type of plus size swimwear will entirely depend on your choice. While other women will be gifted with being able to fit in many sizes, some do not enjoy the same immunity. Thus, take your time while making your choice. The designers have made it possible for you to have different choices so go out there and experiment.