Creating a Gigabit Society

The role of 5 G

This study describing a future Gigabit Society in Europe was authored by Arthur D. Little with support from and on behalf of Vodafone as the second in a series. The first edition focused on the role of Fibre networks, and this companion report focuses on the role of 5G mobile networks in facilitating consumer and industrial innovation in that future.

After describing the drivers and the anticipated capabilities of technology, and the smooth path from 4G towards 5G, the report explores in detail the needs and benefits of 5G for eight vertical industries – from transport and manufacturing to healthcare and agriculture. Connected and autonomous vehicles, drones, resilient smart grids, augmented reality applications, bio-electronics, flexible manufacturing and robotics are all featured.  These are all brought to life through more than twenty external case studies developed with major corporates and innovative European startups.

The Arthur D. Little team was delighted to work with so many client organisations as part of the development of this study, as well as leading European academic institutions, equipment vendors and many Vodafone operating companies.

Released: March 2017

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Written by Jasper in October 20, 2017
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