Finding a Fantastic plus Size Swimwear

All women enjoy shopping for clothes. However, there is one common concern of all times, which is finding the perfect size. When it comes to the sophistication of swimwear, the task becomes even more intimidating. Everyone has insecurities about their body, and the last thing anyone needs is to be wearing a swimsuit that does not fit well. Poor fit can make even the sexiest parts of your body look terrible.  

You should understand that different body shapes require differently designed swimwear. It does not matter whether you have a tummy, big bust or full thighs. You can find flattering plus size swimwear for your figure.


For women with a small bust, finding a swimsuit that fits isn’t too difficult. However, it’s another story if you’re going for a specific look (namely, for a bigger bust). But the good news is that there are tons of options available. 


Bikinis come in so many options. Bottoms can cover your belly button or barely cover anything. Tops come in every imaginable design. Bikinis are obviously the most flexible swimsuit. For anyone with a small bust, bikini top options are endless! String bikinis fit easily, but you can also create cleavage with some padding or underwire. 

Some come with removable straps, which is more comfortable for some, and also prevent tan lines. They look elegant and make you appear taller, thus perfect for photo-shoots at the beach. 

Plunging V-Neck One Piece 

This kind of swimsuit offers a little sex appeal while maintaining modesty. The V-neck reveals a little cleavage, which is great if you want to show off the girls. However, this suit isn’t ideal for anyone with a long torso, as the neckline may stretch out. 


Ruffles come on one pieces, tankinis, and bikinis. They’re fun and flirty and can also make your bust look larger than it is, without extra padding. Ruffles are great because you can find them on any kind of swimwear. 

Striped Tankini 

Small busts look amazing in a striped tankini. When you are sure your chest looks perfect without any support, this is one of the ideal swimsuits to wear. 


Slim women can wear pretty much anything and pull it off. Their body parts are all naturally balanced, thus need no special frills on their swimwear to create the illusion of balance. But if you have this kind of figure and want the appearance of curves, there are numerous options available to you, like cutouts or prints.  

Striped Bikini 

Diagonal stripes are an easy way to add a little volume to your figure. Not to mention certain bikinis, like high-waist bottoms that emphasize your waist. Triangle tops, while a little revealing, are adjustable and can give your bust more or less coverage, as you desire. Make sure you get one that ties around the neck and in the back to make it completely customizable. 

Underwire Bikini 

Underwire is a great solution to make your bust look curvy and supported. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for a strapless top to show more skin. As previously mentioned, high rise bottoms attract more attention to your waist and can add a little volume to your hips.  


Just because you’re self-conscious about your stomach does not mean you cannot wear a bikini! Plus size swimwear is becoming more readily available while body shaming is becoming a thing of the past. One pieces, tankinis, and even bikinis all have flattering options that are sure to satisfy you! There will be no any need to hide your tummy ever again. 

High Waist Full Cut Bikini 

A high waist hides some of your stomach and can offer tummy control similar to Spanx. A fuller cut top adds fabric for more coverage and support to your bust. 

Square Neck Tankini 

This swimwear offers a slimming appearance. A tankini offers the same coverage as a one piece but since the top and bottom aren’t connected, is more comfortable for many women. Even better is a tankini with a print around the bust and the bottoms, and a simple color block in the middle.  


Now that you understand what bikinis suit different body types, including plus size swimwear, you can be sure to pick the right one at the store or online. Depending on the part of your body you want to flatter, you know what to buy. If you want to hide that tummy, appear slimmer or look bustier, you have all it takes to make a worthwhile purchasing decision.