Leeds Video Firm Rejoices 10 Years of Achievement

Leeds-based imaginative organization Fresh Cut is rejoicing ten years of achievement at the front of the city’s digital rebellion through a host of new customer wins.

The professional video company, which has workplaces in Yorkshire and London, released in Leeds in 2006 as well as has shaped films for certain of the principal brands in the nation, counting the National Lottery, Adidas as well as Ask Italian.

Fresh Cut creates videos for régime, sports as well as food brands plus this year won agreements through Team GB as well as British Triathlon toward work through several of the UK’s main talent foremost up to Rio 2016, counting Tom Daley plus Louis Smith.

The group travelled toward Brazil to movie through Team GB as they prepared their final provisions for 2016 Olympics. Fresh Cut functioned at the group’s training campsite in Belo Horizonte toward movie a short documented part for BBC One.

The group has moreover stuck toward its Yorkshire roots, functioning with local sportspersons Alistair as well as Jonny Brownlee toward movie a series of Promotional Video Production for the new British Triathlon web site.


To rejoice its period of work into the city, the firm is giving away six of its extremely imaginative Promotional Video Production for native industries otherwise charities through Yorkshire, toward support local persons running their individual independent industries.


Rick Frier, Imaginative Executive at Fresh Cut, said: “The previous decade has been an overwhelming trip for Fresh Cut, we have constructed up an enormous group of creative talent as well as we have been custom-built through certain of the UK’s main brands plus agencies. Seeing our customer base produce as it has done this year is evidence to the firm work from all the group“

“To provide somewhat back toward the city plus support those who are starting out, just as we did ten ages ago, we are proffering six local trades a free video toward help showcase their industry to novel online audiences.

Fresh Cut works through industries large plus small, from nationwide organizations and offerings, toward local independents in its innate Yorkshire.

We take care of all aspect of the creative procedure from start toward finish. Whether making an audiovisual from scratch counting coming up through the primary concept, storyboarding, scriptwriting over to the videos realization counting filming, animation plus graphics, or working through you on a idea you by now have, Fresh Cut offer the entire package.

They work tremendously hard to get a project accomplished on time and inside budget without regulating our creativeness. It is supreme to them that they create videos that are imaginative but more essentially that they are conveying what their customers requisite whether this is supporting in brand consciousness or just getting a message out to your clients which is portion of a wider marketing approach.

They care about the contented in our customers’ videos as well as work with you toward make sure the correct message is realized, therefore creating a excellence product that surpasses your requirements.

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While you are creating your video advertisements, your first thought might jump straight to video. Though, there are other essentials to ponder counting text, visuals, plus audio. Be cautious of using too much text. Recall, your video advertisement might be displayed in a tremendously small window dependent on wherever the ad is placed.

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When your advertisement has been created, you’ll requisite to place it wherever your audience will really see it. Like TV advertising, online video promotion can be positioned over a network.