'McMafia' Episode 4 Review: 8 Questions It Left Us Asking

After the third episode of ‘McMafia’, it still felt like we were waiting for something of any real consequence to happen. 

Unfortunately, Sunday (14 January) night’s instalment did nothing to really tie up the various strands of the story that are currently developing, mainly focussing on Vadim’s heroin shipment from Pakistan into Mumbai. 

While we might currently be doubting whether the series is a case of style over substance, there were still plenty of questions we had as the titles rolled…

So, what did Alex do with Boris’s killer?

You’ll remember at the end of the last episode ‘Antonio’ revealed he had captured Boris’s killer for Alex to do whatever he wanted with, but it seems we’ll have to wait for an answer on what actually happened to him.

Who was watching Benes at Hancil’s funeral?

Ok, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the chances are they’re probably part of Vadim’s gang, but why hasn’t Vadim taken quicker action against Benes if he knows where he is?

Why did Dilly have to kill the accountant?

Of course we understand he had to do away with him to cover his tracks, but still. Just shows it never pays to stay in the office late. 

Why did Karin go and talk to Rebecca about the funds?

Yes, Karin is more than just an employee to Alex, but you’d be seriously pissed off if one of your workers was going around talking about your business dealings with your other half – particularly if they were not 100% above board. 

If we were Karin, we’d expect to be getting a disciplinary come Monday morning. 

Did Benes’ daughter actually have drugs on her?

It’s a minor point, but we knew that Benes’s daughter has a problem with drugs, so were the ones that were confiscated from her at the nightclub door actually hers? Was it part of Vadim’s plan to get to Benes’s phone, or a happy coincidence?

Is Semiyon more dangerous than he makes out?

After Rebecca met up with one of Semiyon’s previous business associates, he hints he killed someone while working in aluminium shipping. 

This came after he’d told Alex he wouldn’t “put him in a grave if he messed up” unlike others, but we wouldn’t be taking his word for that if we were Alex.  

Who killed Chopra?

Vadim’s associate was seen dead on some wasteland after Dilly successfully pulled off the heroin heist, and while we’re guessing Vadim must have ordered his death for failing the job, who did he get to do his dirty work? 

Will Rebekah call off her engagement?

After Rebekah caught on to the web of lies Alex has spun to cover up his dodgy dealings, it seemed like she was having second thoughts about his proposal. Will he be forced to choose between his fiancée or getting revenge on Vadim?

′McMafia′ continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. 

Written by Lukas in January 14, 2018
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