Procurement 4.0 in the digital world

Transforming procurement into an agile, linked innovation leader and catalyst

The world is changing: decreasing levels of in-house value-add and increasing speed of market and technological changes require procurement to transform into an agile, linked innovation leader and real-time, integrated supply-chain manager.

In the digital world procurement will increase its corporate value as an innovation “catalyst” by linking essential external knowledge and competencies with internal business partners to ensure technology and market leadership of the own enterprise, despite decreasing in-house value-add and related know-how. To help procurement functions, Arthur D. Little has developed a Future of Procurement (FP 4.0) Framework consisting of seven components, which will enable procurement to generate value, drive supplier-enabled innovation and manage more and more complex supply chains in real time. Leaders in procurement in several industries are already transforming their businesses by integrating these components into their internal and external supply chains.

Released: September 2016

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Written by Jasper in November 29, 2017
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