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Five Ways to Promote Your E-Commerce Store in 2020

It is proven that E-commerce is a versatile way to promote your online business to the next level. The growth of E-commerce has given rise to a wide array of online platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly and many more are massively dominating every E-commerce app development company. Today 60% of online product searches are being performed on smartphones and cloud-enabled devices, and social media has drastically evolved from a platform to find out your friends into a centralized platform mainly intended for buying and selling of products pertained by the E-commerce app development company. 

Moreover, recent researches highlight the influence of the decisions for making purchases of approximately 74% of online shopping experts and 43% of customers are willing to buy a new product after learning about various shopping products on social media as assimilated in every E-commerce app development company. Hence, in this article, we have discussed the top 6 ways that are useful to promote your E-commerce store in 2019.

Devise Content Marketing Strategies

Certainly, the most cost-effective and remarkable content marketing strategy that is used to promote your E-commerce store is blogging, but it’s something that many online marketers restrain from their promotional activity which is also considered as a must-have activity in any leading E-commerce app development company.  

Blogging is a marketing aspect that can be used as a platform for your startup business or E-Commerce App Development Company to start your work from a place where you can transit your exceptional approach to a large range of target consumers. Furthermore, it’s an approach to spread information about your products and services allowing people an option to share it with your colleagues.

Incorporate Social Media Campaigns

A social media campaign possessed in every E-commerce app development company should always focus on industry-specific business goals, whether you are spending time on Facebook or Instagram. The most common goal for social media campaigns comprises of: 

  • Building a list of email marketing tasks. 
  • Increasing website traffic to boost your brand identity. 
  • Attain feedback from users.  
  • Empower overall brand engagement.  
  • Implement marketing techniques to generate an enormous amount of ROI. 

Use a strong CTA on your website

Never give visitors on your website extra credit than what they deserve. They need you to tell them exactly what you want them to proceed ahead. This is the case where a good CTA works well with a well-documented one. Moreover, the E-commerce app development company’s conversions rate can be increased by 22% on a quarterly and annual basis as it mainly depends on clicks of users on your website.  

Have you taken a clear look at your website? Does it attract your visitors? Do you tell them what you want to do? Make sure that you are signing up for emails or making purchases? If this isn’t your case, then work out on CTA then measures the estimated results within a short period would be the sole concern of a sustainable E-commerce app development company.

Produce High-Quality Product Videos

Primarily, video allows you to get engaged with your target audiences in new ways, start uploading videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social media platforms provide you with a link that is shareable by millions of users in the form of a blog post or an email for the promotion of your E-commerce app development company

5 ways to promote your E-commerce store in 2020 - Blog - 16-12-2019

You can showcase products with demonstrations, sharing tutorials or establish an online advertising campaign to promote new products using well-established customer reviews as required by a leading E-commerce app development company. With the involvement of live videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, these new features allow you to interact with your customers on daily basis and it gives your viewers a cutting-edge experience to market their products and services.

Manage Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Affiliate Marketing is a practice where you let other people sell your valuable assets consistent with an E-commerce app development company. You only have to pay them a small % of each sale they generate for you.  

You must ensure the model by paying a commission for each sales transaction; you will have several people who are always ready to sell your products and services in a personalized way to maintain their online presence to the climax.