Race to Gigabit Fiber

Telecom incumbents pick up pace

Fiber investments have become more common now than at any point in the past. The number of countries with more than 95% fiber coverage has increased from just one (in 2012) to seven (in 2016).

The most successful fiber rollout models were based on a collaborative approach.  Incumbents have increased their involvement in the last 3 years and are positioning themselves stronger than before to drive nationwide fiber. Rollout is further accelerated by partnerships with the government, local utilities, financial investors and participation of challenger TelCos. Successful take-up of fiber is driven by migrations from legacy technologies to fiber, upgrading customers to gigabit fiber services such as broadband &  4K TV and a competitive market environment. In this report we assess examples of successful nationwide fiber rollout and take up and implications for markets that are still rolling out or yet to roll out nationwide fiber. We have seen 4 regional hot-spots for fiber rollout in the recent years: GCC (Qatar and UAE), Iberia (Portugal and Spain), East and South Asia (China, Hong-Kong, Japan, New-Zealand, Singapore, South-Korea), Baltic (Latvia and Lithuania)

Released: December 2016

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Written by Jasper in November 16, 2017
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