The age of collaboration


Start up and Corporates need each other

Technological adoption has never been as fast as today, and many corporates have already suffered from not being able to keep up with the pace of change. Over the past 10 years, an average of 45 companies joined the Fortune 500 every year compared to only 29 during 1986-1995. 65% of today’s Fortune 500 companies only joined within the last 20 years. Startups have played a key role in accelerating this change. Today’s well experienced, well-educated and well-funded startups are certainly here to stay. We will likely see some correction at the high-end range of valuations, but we do not expect any bubble to burst, as fundamentals are intact.

 All players acknowledge that collaboration is key for future success, characterized by increasing complexity and blurring of industry borders. Start­up-corporate collaboration certainly is no exception and there is no shortage of options to collaborate, from one-off events to corporate venture capital. Today we observe the clear gravitation away from equity-focused collaborations to creating actual business impact. Corp-Up, corporates and startups working together with the objective of creating real business impact, is high on corporate and startup agendas.

Released: May 2016

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Written by Jasper in December 10, 2017
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