The future of automotive mobility

Winning the power play in tomorrow’s radically changed automotive ecosystem

Automotive as it has evolved over the last 100 years is perceived by many as leading to massiveproblems over the world. Driven by wealth, urbanization and increasing car-park pollution andcongestion, effects have increased globally and need to be addressed.

Technological development seems to offer solutions: electric mobility leads to much cleaner mobility, car sharing will decrease the number of vehicles in use worldwide and autonomous driving will help boost the capacity of streets – whether this is urban or on highways. Really? To assess the impact of those key trends, we have conducted a 360-degree study incorporating perspectives from customers, industry players and regulators. Here’s our conclusion:

Transformation of the automotive industry is no longer driven by customers alone – it will be driven by regulation. In light of the further urbanization worldwide, countries and cities, as the main regulators of mobility solutions, are starting to act stricter in order to maintain environments that are worth living in.

Released: March 2017

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Written by Jasper in October 25, 2017
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