Top 10 Online Video Trends to Watch For In 2016

Another hectic year in domain of digital advertising is approaching to a conclusion. The main talking topic of the year obviously was Video! 2015 was the year while nearly everybody started understanding the true prospective of video. Online corporations that had not ever motivated much on audiovisual were enforced to upturn their courtesy toward it; while those who by now had video by way of a portion of their general dream were enforced to adjust their approach further.

Internet Would Outshine Customary TV

As said by a latest report by Price water house Coopers, about 20% of cable clienteles in the US will join cord cutting style in 2016. In lieu of the unskilled, Cord cutting mentions to viewers stopping their contributions to Cable television. The main reason behindhand this style is the absence of excellence that consumers face whereas choosing the package of programs or channel of their choice.


Mobile Video

As stated by a current Comcast study, You Tube’s video application has received the second utmost exclusive visitors’ year above year with simply Facebook ranking greater. Furthermore, those who see YouTube video on mobile devices expend approximately 9 hour per month on the application; which is exactly twice that of the number around a year before. These are perfect pointers that this would merely upsurge in 2016 also.

The Upsurge of Video Advertisement

Video ads made by Video production boston are not new. Podiums similar to You Tube, Face book as well as Twitter already deal video alternatives to advertiser. However 2016 will be an entire lot diverse since Google is lastly going to kick start SERP video promotion.

Ads and Story telling

The novel online customer is fairly tech savvy as well as will simply see over the sales pitch of a publicity video. So; to avoid being evaded, video ads would feel more similar stories as well as less like advertisements. If brand desire people to talk around them otherwise their video online or else offline, they need to create them more attractive as well as share able. If you examine the topmost video advertisements on YouTube into 2015, you will notice that exactly all of these are more similar to stories as well as less like ads.

Better Get Used to Vertical Video

Just a pair of years before, recording a straight up video was measured a blasphemy. However times have altered now. Currently that persons could use their iPhones as well as video in high excellence, 2016 would assuredly see more persons shoot videos upright than ever beforehand.

Interactive Video

Interactive video offer the viewers a chance to not fairly watch, however to click swipe plus involve through call-to-action overlaps.

Distinct a consistent video watching experience wherever you are an inert onlooker, an interactive video creates you do somewhat. As well as “doing” is an additional notable act than just seeing.

Virtual Reality

As said by Global investigation company Trend Force, VR Games need much lesser capitals than VR films as well as first person games in specific could be ported toward VR devices through comparative ease. Smaller time requisite as well as lower cost would be strong inducements for game designers who will be the main content provider intended for VR hard ware. 2016 may perhaps be the time while VR converts a realism for the regular consumer.

Live Streaming

Progressively more celebs and brands would start utilizing live stream video platform like Meerkat as well as Periscope meant for a modified client skill. The Social Video apps would look to place the user correct where an occasion is taking place.

Video on Demand prepared by Video production boston

Worldwide, Video on Demand otherwise Over the top video service are achievement more traction amongst viewers. The worldwide marketplace for VOD remained US$ 207 Billion in 2014 as well as it is fixed to spread US$263 Billion at 2016. As well as Asia Pacific area will exceed Western Europe as second biggest marketplace for VOD afterward US.

Content Conglomerates Focus On Video

Newfangled content conglomerate like Buzzfeed as well as vice are gripping more eye balls than eternally beforehand by centering additional on video. Buzz feed videos shaped about 2.5 billion opinions simply in October! It just supports the detail that video is technique to drive in the contented business. Plus in 2016, we will certainly see additional content trades following suit. Optimistically, we will see certain magical from Indian content aggregator in 2016. For more info visit