Utilities’ contribution to national fiber development

How utilities and telecom operators can cooperate to accelerate fiber deployment

As the race for building fiber infrastructure accelerates globally, utilities (especially electrical utilities) are increasingly seen as new credible players. In the most onvincing cases, utilities step in and play a complementary role in national fiber development.

Engagement of utilities in fiber development can result in a win-win situation for national agencies, the utilities themselves and telecom operators. From one side, utilities can exploit some advantages in fiber development, leading to accelerated fiber deployment and less spending of national funds on network expansion. The utilities themselves stand to benefit through the diversification of their revenues and enhancement of their core businesses. From the other side, telecom operators benefit from the ability to reach hitherto unprofitable customers. In this article, we detail how utilities position themselves for national fiber development, and how they can be engaged.

Released: August 2017

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Written by Jasper in September 30, 2017
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