What the customer wants!

From Networking to Network PaaS

This viewpoint is the result of 12 months of intense activity, in which BBVA, supported by Arthur D. Little, developed a vision, defined requirements and sourced its global networking platform concept – called “Synapse”. BBVA wants to share its insight from its internal architectural development process, in order to give momentum to the shift to platform-centric networking.

 In the recent past, information technologies operated in static infrastructure silos. However, mass adoption of the cloud delivery model has irreversibly changed enterprises’ expectations of how IT infrastructure services should be built, provisioned and priced. Retooling carrier networks using virtualization technologies puts the agility of the cloud model within reach. We expect carriers’ adoption of these technologies to drive “Platformization” of networks, allowing enterprises to manage all network services, from Internet to data-center interconnection and public cloud connectivity, seamlessly.

This will create a substantial opportunity for operators to expand the scope of services beyond connectivity. However, it will also be a significant change, if carriers are to adjust to these new realities.

Released: June 2017

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Written by Jasper in October 2, 2017
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